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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Inspired by the KkoiKhoi (Khoi-San) people of South Africa, a tribe of nomadic indigenous Africans with 70,000 years of history on the continent, and the indigenous wood sorrel that is used in their traditional stews in medicines.

South African indigenous wood sorrel, two KhoiKho women, and Waterbloometjibrie (stew) with sorrel

This dish was shared with Dutch colonizers who settled in the cape in 1652 and who now call the dish Waterbloometjiebredie ("small flower water stew" in the Afrikaans language). The sorrel plant has a slightly sour flavor similar to lemons. And the stew, "bredie”, itself is typically made with lamb.

Nigerian (red) stew was one of the first traditional dishes I learned to make with my mother in law (Ibibio tribe) and is my absolute favorite dish, next to Afang soup. So learning of "stews" in other indigenous African cultures always reminds me of the care, intention, and love that is put into the food that nourishes our families, in body and spirit.

My hope is that the intricacy of this #wearbleart homage pays that same level of intention and reverence.


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